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graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation Class Reference

instructs the blockchain to attempt to sell one asset for another More...

#include <market.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation:


struct  fee_params_t
struct  options_type

Public Types

using extensions_type = extension< options_type >

Public Member Functions

pair< asset_id_type, asset_id_type > get_market () const
account_id_type fee_payer () const
void validate () const
price get_price () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::protocol::base_operation
virtual ~base_operation ()=default
template<typename T >
share_type calculate_fee (const T &params) const
virtual void get_required_authorities (vector< authority > &) const
virtual void get_required_active_authorities (flat_set< account_id_type > &) const
virtual void get_required_owner_authorities (flat_set< account_id_type > &) const
fc::optional< fc::future< void > > validate_parallel (uint32_t skip) const

Public Attributes

asset fee
account_id_type seller
asset amount_to_sell
asset min_to_receive
time_point_sec expiration = time_point_sec::maximum()
bool fill_or_kill = false
 If this flag is set the entire order must be filled or the operation is rejected. More...
extensions_type extensions

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::protocol::base_operation
static uint64_t calculate_data_fee (uint64_t bytes, uint64_t price_per_kbyte)

Detailed Description

instructs the blockchain to attempt to sell one asset for another

The blockchain will atempt to sell amount_to_sell.asset_id for as much min_to_receive.asset_id as possible. The fee will be paid by the seller's account. Market fees will apply as specified by the issuer of both the selling asset and the receiving asset as a percentage of the amount exchanged.

If either the selling asset or the receiving asset is white list restricted, the order will only be created if the seller is on the white list of the restricted asset type.

Market orders are matched in the order they are included in the block chain.

Definition at line 72 of file market.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ extensions_type

Definition at line 99 of file market.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ fee_payer()

account_id_type graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::fee_payer ( ) const

Definition at line 108 of file market.hpp.

◆ get_market()

pair<asset_id_type,asset_id_type> graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::get_market ( ) const

Definition at line 102 of file market.hpp.

◆ get_price()

price graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::get_price ( ) const

Definition at line 110 of file market.hpp.

◆ validate()

void graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::validate ( ) const

Reimplemented from graphene::protocol::base_operation.

Definition at line 49 of file market.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ amount_to_sell

asset graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::amount_to_sell

Definition at line 89 of file market.hpp.

◆ expiration

time_point_sec graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::expiration = time_point_sec::maximum()

The order will be removed from the books if not filled by expiration Upon expiration, all unsold asset will be returned to seller

Definition at line 94 of file market.hpp.

◆ extensions

extensions_type graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::extensions

Definition at line 100 of file market.hpp.

◆ fee

asset graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::fee

Definition at line 87 of file market.hpp.

◆ fill_or_kill

bool graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::fill_or_kill = false

If this flag is set the entire order must be filled or the operation is rejected.

Definition at line 97 of file market.hpp.

◆ min_to_receive

asset graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::min_to_receive

Definition at line 90 of file market.hpp.

◆ seller

account_id_type graphene::protocol::limit_order_create_operation::seller

Definition at line 88 of file market.hpp.

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