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fc::context Struct Reference

#include <context.hpp>


struct  blocked_promise

Public Types

typedef fc::contextptr
using context_fn = void(*)(intptr_t)

Public Member Functions

 context (context_fn sf, stack_allocator &alloc, fc::thread *t)
 context (fc::thread *t)
 ~context ()
void reinitialize ()
void add_blocking_promise (promise_base *p, bool req=true)
bool try_unblock (promise_base *p)
void remove_blocking_promise (promise_base *p)
void timeout_blocking_promises ()
void set_exception_on_blocking_promises (const exception_ptr &e)
void clear_blocking_promises ()
bool is_complete () const

Public Attributes

bco::stack_context stack_ctx
bc::fcontext_t my_context
priority prio
std::vector< blocked_promiseblocking_prom
time_point resume_time
bool canceled
const char * cancellation_reason
bool complete
uint64_t context_posted_num

Detailed Description

maintains information associated with each context such as where it is blocked, what time it should resume, priority, etc.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ context_fn

using fc::context::context_fn = void(*)(intptr_t)

Definition at line 54 of file context.hpp.

◆ ptr

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ context() [1/2]

fc::context::context ( context_fn  sf,
stack_allocator alloc,
fc::thread t 

Definition at line 57 of file context.hpp.

◆ context() [2/2]

fc::context::context ( fc::thread t)

Definition at line 77 of file context.hpp.

◆ ~context()

fc::context::~context ( )

Definition at line 94 of file context.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_blocking_promise()

void fc::context::add_blocking_promise ( promise_base p,
bool  req = true 
Have a list of promises so that we can wait for P1 or P2 and either will unblock instead of requiring both
p- the promise
req- require this promise to 'unblock', otherwise try_unblock will allow it to be one of many that could 'unblock'

Definition at line 129 of file context.hpp.

◆ clear_blocking_promises()

void fc::context::clear_blocking_promises ( )

Definition at line 177 of file context.hpp.

◆ is_complete()

bool fc::context::is_complete ( ) const

Definition at line 181 of file context.hpp.

◆ reinitialize()

void fc::context::reinitialize ( )

Definition at line 99 of file context.hpp.

◆ remove_blocking_promise()

void fc::context::remove_blocking_promise ( promise_base p)

Definition at line 158 of file context.hpp.

◆ set_exception_on_blocking_promises()

void fc::context::set_exception_on_blocking_promises ( const exception_ptr e)

Definition at line 172 of file context.hpp.

◆ timeout_blocking_promises()

void fc::context::timeout_blocking_promises ( )

Definition at line 167 of file context.hpp.

◆ try_unblock()

bool fc::context::try_unblock ( promise_base p)

If all of the required promises and any optional promises then return true, else false.

check list

Definition at line 143 of file context.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ blocking_prom

std::vector<blocked_promise> fc::context::blocking_prom

Definition at line 188 of file context.hpp.

◆ caller_context

fc::context* fc::context::caller_context

Definition at line 184 of file context.hpp.

◆ canceled

bool fc::context::canceled

Definition at line 195 of file context.hpp.

◆ cancellation_reason

const char* fc::context::cancellation_reason

Definition at line 197 of file context.hpp.

◆ complete

bool fc::context::complete

Definition at line 199 of file context.hpp.

◆ context_posted_num

uint64_t fc::context::context_posted_num

Definition at line 201 of file context.hpp.

◆ ctx_thread

fc::thread* fc::context::ctx_thread

Definition at line 194 of file context.hpp.

◆ cur_task

task_base* fc::context::cur_task

Definition at line 200 of file context.hpp.

◆ my_context

bc::fcontext_t fc::context::my_context

Definition at line 183 of file context.hpp.

◆ next

fc::context* fc::context::next

Definition at line 193 of file context.hpp.

◆ next_blocked

fc::context* fc::context::next_blocked

Definition at line 191 of file context.hpp.

◆ next_blocked_mutex

fc::context* fc::context::next_blocked_mutex

Definition at line 192 of file context.hpp.

◆ prio

priority fc::context::prio

Definition at line 186 of file context.hpp.

◆ resume_time

time_point fc::context::resume_time

Definition at line 189 of file context.hpp.

◆ stack_alloc

stack_allocator* fc::context::stack_alloc

Definition at line 185 of file context.hpp.

◆ stack_ctx

bco::stack_context fc::context::stack_ctx

Definition at line 49 of file context.hpp.

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