BitShares-Core  7.0.2
BitShares blockchain node software and command-line wallet software
Todo List
Member fc::context::add_blocking_promise (promise_base *p, bool req=true)
Have a list of promises so that we can wait for P1 or P2 and either will unblock instead of requiring both
Member fc::context::try_unblock (promise_base *p)
check list
Member fc::path::windows_string () const
use iterators instead of indexes for faster performance
Member fc::thread::quit ()
make quit non-blocking of the calling thread by eliminating the call to boost::thread::join
Member graphene::wallet::wallet_api::create_account_with_brain_key (const string &brain_key, const string &account_name, const string &registrar_account, const string &referrer_account, bool broadcast=false) const
why no referrer_percent here?
Member graphene::wallet::wallet_api::sell_asset (const string &seller_account, const string &amount_to_sell, const string &symbol_or_id_to_sell, const string &min_to_receive, const string &symbol_or_id_to_receive, uint32_t timeout_sec=0, bool fill_or_kill=false, bool broadcast=false) const
Document default/max expiration time