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fc::http::detail::websocket_tls_server_impl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for fc::http::detail::websocket_tls_server_impl:
fc::http::detail::generic_websocket_server_impl< asio_tls_stub_log >

Public Member Functions

 websocket_tls_server_impl (const string &server_pem, const string &ssl_password, const std::string &forward_header_key)
virtual ~websocket_tls_server_impl ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from fc::http::detail::generic_websocket_server_impl< asio_tls_stub_log >
 generic_websocket_server_impl (const std::string &forward_header_key)
virtual ~generic_websocket_server_impl ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from fc::http::detail::generic_websocket_server_impl< asio_tls_stub_log >
typedef std::map< connection_hdl, websocket_connection_ptr, std::owner_less< connection_hdl > > con_map
- Public Attributes inherited from fc::http::detail::generic_websocket_server_impl< asio_tls_stub_log >
con_map _connections
 Holds accepted connections. More...
 The thread that runs the server. More...
websocketpp::server< asio_tls_stub_log_server
 The server. More...
on_connection_handler _on_connection
 A handler to be called when a new connection is accepted. More...
fc::promise< void >::ptr _all_connections_closed
 Promise to wait for all connections to be closed. More...
fc::promise< void >::ptr _server_socket_closed
 Promise to wait for the server socket to be closed. More...
uint32_t _pending_messages
 Number of messages not processed, for rate limiting. More...
std::string _forward_header_key
 A header like "X-Forwarded-For" (XFF) with data IP:port. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 413 of file websocket.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ websocket_tls_server_impl()

fc::http::detail::websocket_tls_server_impl::websocket_tls_server_impl ( const string &  server_pem,
const string &  ssl_password,
const std::string &  forward_header_key 

Definition at line 416 of file websocket.cpp.

◆ ~websocket_tls_server_impl()

virtual fc::http::detail::websocket_tls_server_impl::~websocket_tls_server_impl ( )

Definition at line 443 of file websocket.cpp.

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