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fc::http Namespace Reference




class  connection
struct  header
struct  reply
struct  request
class  websocket_client
class  websocket_connection
class  websocket_server
class  websocket_tls_server


typedef std::vector< headerheaders
typedef std::shared_ptr< connectionconnection_ptr
typedef std::shared_ptr< websocket_connectionwebsocket_connection_ptr
typedef std::function< void(const websocket_connection_ptr &)> on_connection_handler


std::vector< headerparse_urlencoded_params (const std::string &f)

Typedef Documentation

◆ connection_ptr

typedef std::shared_ptr<connection> fc::http::connection_ptr

Definition at line 78 of file connection.hpp.

◆ headers

typedef std::vector<header> fc::http::headers

Definition at line 21 of file connection.hpp.

◆ on_connection_handler

typedef std::function<void(const websocket_connection_ptr&)> fc::http::on_connection_handler

Definition at line 49 of file websocket.hpp.

◆ websocket_connection_ptr

Definition at line 47 of file websocket.hpp.

Function Documentation

◆ parse_urlencoded_params()

std::vector< header > fc::http::parse_urlencoded_params ( const std::string &  f)

Definition at line 180 of file http_connection.cpp.