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graphene::db::sparse_index< T > Struct Template Reference

An index type for objects which may be deleted. More...

#include <generic_index.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for graphene::db::sparse_index< T >:
graphene::db::generic_index< T, boost::multi_index_container< T, indexed_by< ordered_unique< tag< by_id >, member< object, object_id_type, &object::id > > > > > graphene::db::index

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::db::index
virtual ~index ()=default
virtual uint8_t object_space_id () const =0
virtual uint8_t object_type_id () const =0
virtual object_id_type get_next_id () const =0
virtual void use_next_id ()=0
virtual void set_next_id (object_id_type id)=0
virtual const objectload (const std::vector< char > &data)=0
virtual void open (const fc::path &db)=0
virtual void save (const fc::path &db)=0
const objectget (object_id_type id) const
template<typename Object , typename Lambda >
void modify (const Object &obj, const Lambda &l)
virtual void add_observer (const std::shared_ptr< index_observer > &)=0
virtual void object_from_variant (const fc::variant &var, object &obj, uint32_t max_depth) const =0
virtual void object_default (object &obj) const =0

Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct graphene::db::sparse_index< T >

An index type for objects which may be deleted.

This is the preferred index type for objects which need only be referenced by ID, but may be deleted.

Definition at line 127 of file generic_index.hpp.

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