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graphene::db Namespace Reference


class  abstract_object
class  annotated_object
 An object that is easily extended by providing pointers to other objects, one for each space. More...
class  base_abstract_object
 Use the Curiously Recurring Template Pattern to automatically add the ability to clone, serialize, and move objects polymorphically. More...
class  base_primary_index
class  direct_index
 A secondary index that tracks objects in vectors indexed by object id. It is meant for fully (or almost fully) populated indexes only (will fail when loading an object_database with large gaps). More...
class  generic_index
class  index
 abstract base class for accessing objects indexed in various ways. More...
class  index_observer
 used to get callbacks when objects change More...
class  object
 base for all database objects More...
class  object_database
 maintains a set of indexed objects that can be modified with multi-level rollback support More...
struct  object_downcast
 This template is used to downcast a generic object type to a specific xyz_object type. More...
struct  object_id
struct  object_id_type
class  primary_index
 Wraps a derived index to intercept calls to create, modify, and remove so that callbacks may be fired and undo state saved. More...
class  secondary_index
class  simple_index
 A simple index uses a vector<unique_ptr<T>> to store data. More...
struct  sparse_index
 An index type for objects which may be deleted. More...
class  undo_database
 tracks changes to the state and allows changes to be undone More...
struct  undo_state


using annotation_map = fc::flat_map< uint8_t, object_id_type >
template<typename ObjectID >
using object_downcast_t = typename object_downcast< ObjectID >::type

Typedef Documentation

◆ annotation_map

using graphene::db::annotation_map = typedef fc::flat_map<uint8_t, object_id_type>

Definition at line 116 of file object.hpp.

◆ object_downcast_t

template<typename ObjectID >
using graphene::db::object_downcast_t = typedef typename object_downcast<ObjectID>::type

Definition at line 100 of file object_id.hpp.