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pts_address.hpp File Reference
#include <array>
#include <cstring>
#include <string>
#include <fc/io/datastream.hpp>
#include <fc/io/raw_fwd.hpp>
#include <fc/variant.hpp>
#include <fc/reflect/reflect.hpp>

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struct  graphene::protocol::pts_address
struct  std::hash< graphene::protocol::pts_address >




bool graphene::protocol::operator== (const pts_address &a, const pts_address &b)
bool graphene::protocol::operator!= (const pts_address &a, const pts_address &b)
bool graphene::protocol::operator< (const pts_address &a, const pts_address &b)
void fc::to_variant (const graphene::protocol::pts_address &var, fc::variant &vo, uint32_t max_depth=1)
void fc::from_variant (const fc::variant &var, graphene::protocol::pts_address &vo, uint32_t max_depth=1)
template void fc::raw::pack (datastream< size_t > &s, const graphene::protocol::pts_address &tx, uint32_t _max_depth)
template void fc::raw::pack (datastream< char * > &s, const graphene::protocol::pts_address &tx, uint32_t _max_depth)
template void fc::raw::unpack (datastream< const char * > &s, graphene::protocol::pts_address &tx, uint32_t _max_depth)