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fc::task< void, FunctorSize > Class Template Reference

#include <task.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for fc::task< void, FunctorSize >:
fc::task_base fc::promise< void > fc::promise_base fc::promise_base

Public Types

typedef std::shared_ptr< task< void, FunctorSize > > ptr
- Public Types inherited from fc::promise_base
typedef std::shared_ptr< promise_baseptr
- Public Types inherited from fc::promise< void >
typedef std::shared_ptr< promise< void > > ptr

Public Member Functions

virtual ~task ()
virtual void cancel (const char *reason FC_CANCELATION_REASON_DEFAULT_ARG) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from fc::task_base
void run ()
virtual ~task_base ()
void retain ()
void release ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from fc::promise_base
virtual ~promise_base ()
const char * get_desc () const
bool canceled () const
bool ready () const
bool error () const
void set_exception (const fc::exception_ptr &e)
- Public Member Functions inherited from fc::promise< void >
virtual ~promise ()
void wait (const microseconds &timeout=microseconds::maximum())
void wait_until (const time_point &tp)
void set_value ()
void set_value (const void_t &)
template<typename CompletionHandler >
void on_complete (CompletionHandler &&c)

Static Public Member Functions

template<typename Functor >
static ptr create (Functor &&f, const char *desc)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from fc::promise< void >
static ptr create (const char *desc FC_TASK_NAME_DEFAULT_ARG)
static ptr create (bool fulfilled, const char *desc FC_TASK_NAME_DEFAULT_ARG)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from fc::task_base
void _set_active_context (context *)
 task_base (void *func)
void run_impl ()
void cleanup_task_specific_data ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fc::promise_base
 promise_base (const char *desc FC_TASK_NAME_DEFAULT_ARG)
void _wait (const microseconds &timeout_us)
void _wait_until (const time_point &timeout_us)
void _notify ()
void _set_value (const void *v)
void _on_complete (detail::completion_handler *c)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from fc::promise< void >
 promise (const char *desc)
 promise (bool fulfilled, const char *desc)
- Protected Attributes inherited from fc::task_base
uint64_t _posted_num
 Task priority looks like unsupported feature. More...
priority _prio
time_point _when
std::vector< detail::specific_data_info > * _task_specific_data
fwd< spin_lock, 8 > _spinlock
void * _promise_impl
void * _functor
void(* _destroy_functor )(void *)
void(* _run_functor )(void *, void *)
- Protected Attributes inherited from fc::promise_base
const char * _cancellation_reason

Detailed Description

template<uint64_t FunctorSize>
class fc::task< void, FunctorSize >

Definition at line 144 of file task.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ptr

template<uint64_t FunctorSize>
typedef std::shared_ptr<task<void,FunctorSize> > fc::task< void, FunctorSize >::ptr

Definition at line 146 of file task.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~task()

template<uint64_t FunctorSize>
virtual fc::task< void, FunctorSize >::~task ( )

Definition at line 148 of file task.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ cancel()

template<uint64_t FunctorSize>
virtual void fc::task< void, FunctorSize >::cancel ( const char *reason  FC_CANCELATION_REASON_DEFAULT_ARG)

Reimplemented from fc::task_base.

Definition at line 155 of file task.hpp.

◆ create()

template<uint64_t FunctorSize>
template<typename Functor >
static ptr fc::task< void, FunctorSize >::create ( Functor &&  f,
const char *  desc 

Definition at line 151 of file task.hpp.

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