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fc::rate_limiting_group Class Reference

#include <rate_limiting.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 rate_limiting_group (uint32_t upload_bytes_per_second, uint32_t download_bytes_per_second, uint32_t burstiness_in_seconds=1)
 ~rate_limiting_group ()
void set_upload_limit (uint32_t upload_bytes_per_second)
uint32_t get_upload_limit () const
void set_download_limit (uint32_t download_bytes_per_second)
uint32_t get_download_limit () const
uint32_t get_actual_upload_rate () const
uint32_t get_actual_download_rate () const
void set_actual_rate_time_constant (microseconds time_constant)
void add_tcp_socket (tcp_socket *tcp_socket_to_limit)
void remove_tcp_socket (tcp_socket *tcp_socket_to_stop_limiting)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file rate_limiting.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ rate_limiting_group()

fc::rate_limiting_group::rate_limiting_group ( uint32_t  upload_bytes_per_second,
uint32_t  download_bytes_per_second,
uint32_t  burstiness_in_seconds = 1 

Definition at line 487 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ ~rate_limiting_group()

fc::rate_limiting_group::~rate_limiting_group ( )

Definition at line 492 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ add_tcp_socket()

void fc::rate_limiting_group::add_tcp_socket ( tcp_socket tcp_socket_to_limit)

Definition at line 532 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ get_actual_download_rate()

uint32_t fc::rate_limiting_group::get_actual_download_rate ( ) const

Definition at line 501 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ get_actual_upload_rate()

uint32_t fc::rate_limiting_group::get_actual_upload_rate ( ) const

Definition at line 496 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ get_download_limit()

uint32_t fc::rate_limiting_group::get_download_limit ( ) const

Definition at line 527 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ get_upload_limit()

uint32_t fc::rate_limiting_group::get_upload_limit ( ) const

Definition at line 517 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ remove_tcp_socket()

void fc::rate_limiting_group::remove_tcp_socket ( tcp_socket tcp_socket_to_stop_limiting)

Definition at line 537 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ set_actual_rate_time_constant()

void fc::rate_limiting_group::set_actual_rate_time_constant ( microseconds  time_constant)

Definition at line 506 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ set_download_limit()

void fc::rate_limiting_group::set_download_limit ( uint32_t  download_bytes_per_second)

Definition at line 522 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

◆ set_upload_limit()

void fc::rate_limiting_group::set_upload_limit ( uint32_t  upload_bytes_per_second)

Definition at line 512 of file rate_limiting.cpp.

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