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fc::log_message Class Reference

aggregates a message along with the context and associated meta-information. More...

#include <log_message.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 log_message ()
 log_message (log_context ctx, std::string format, variant_object args=variant_object())
 ~log_message ()
 log_message (const variant &v, uint32_t max_depth)
variant to_variant (uint32_t max_depth) const
std::string get_message () const
log_context get_context () const
std::string get_format () const
variant_object get_data () const

Detailed Description

aggregates a message along with the context and associated meta-information.

log_message has reference semantics, all copies refer to the same log message and the message is read-only after construction.

When converted to JSON, log_message has the following form:

"context" : { ... },
"format" : "string with ${keys}",
"data" : { "keys" : "values" }
See also

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ log_message() [1/3]

fc::log_message::log_message ( )

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◆ log_message() [2/3]

fc::log_message::log_message ( log_context  ctx,
std::string  format,
variant_object  args = variant_object() 
ctx- generally provided using the FC_LOG_CONTEXT(LEVEL) macro
format- the format
args- the arguments

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◆ ~log_message()

fc::log_message::~log_message ( )

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◆ log_message() [3/3]

fc::log_message::log_message ( const variant v,
uint32_t  max_depth 

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Member Function Documentation

◆ get_context()

log_context fc::log_message::get_context ( ) const

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◆ get_data()

variant_object fc::log_message::get_data ( ) const

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◆ get_format()

string fc::log_message::get_format ( ) const

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◆ get_message()

string fc::log_message::get_message ( ) const

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◆ to_variant()

variant fc::log_message::to_variant ( uint32_t  max_depth) const

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