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graphene::net::hello_message Struct Reference

#include <core_messages.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 hello_message ()
 hello_message (const std::string &user_agent, uint32_t core_protocol_version, const fc::ip::address &inbound_address, uint16_t inbound_port, uint16_t outbound_port, const node_id_t &node_public_key, const fc::ecc::compact_signature &signed_shared_secret, const fc::sha256 &chain_id_arg, const fc::variant_object &user_data)

Public Attributes

std::string user_agent
uint32_t core_protocol_version
fc::ip::address inbound_address
uint16_t inbound_port
uint16_t outbound_port
node_id_t node_public_key
fc::ecc::compact_signature signed_shared_secret
fc::sha256 chain_id
fc::variant_object user_data

Static Public Attributes

static const core_message_type_enum type = core_message_type_enum::hello_message_type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 189 of file core_messages.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ hello_message() [1/2]

graphene::net::hello_message::hello_message ( )

Definition at line 203 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ hello_message() [2/2]

graphene::net::hello_message::hello_message ( const std::string &  user_agent,
uint32_t  core_protocol_version,
const fc::ip::address inbound_address,
uint16_t  inbound_port,
uint16_t  outbound_port,
const node_id_t node_public_key,
const fc::ecc::compact_signature signed_shared_secret,
const fc::sha256 chain_id_arg,
const fc::variant_object user_data 

Definition at line 204 of file core_messages.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ chain_id

fc::sha256 graphene::net::hello_message::chain_id

Definition at line 200 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ core_protocol_version

uint32_t graphene::net::hello_message::core_protocol_version

Definition at line 194 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ inbound_address

fc::ip::address graphene::net::hello_message::inbound_address

Definition at line 195 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ inbound_port

uint16_t graphene::net::hello_message::inbound_port

Definition at line 196 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ node_public_key

node_id_t graphene::net::hello_message::node_public_key

Definition at line 198 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ outbound_port

uint16_t graphene::net::hello_message::outbound_port

Definition at line 197 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ signed_shared_secret

fc::ecc::compact_signature graphene::net::hello_message::signed_shared_secret

Definition at line 199 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ type

const core_message_type_enum graphene::net::hello_message::type = core_message_type_enum::hello_message_type

Definition at line 191 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ user_agent

std::string graphene::net::hello_message::user_agent

Definition at line 193 of file core_messages.hpp.

◆ user_data

fc::variant_object graphene::net::hello_message::user_data

Definition at line 201 of file core_messages.hpp.

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