BitShares-Core  7.0.0
BitShares blockchain node software and command-line wallet software
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graphene::net::detail::node_configuration Struct Reference

#include <node_impl.hxx>

Public Attributes

fc::ip::endpoint listen_endpoint
fc::optional< fc::ip::endpointinbound_endpoint
bool accept_incoming_connections = true
bool connect_to_new_peers = true
bool wait_if_endpoint_is_busy = false
fc::ecc::private_key private_key

Detailed Description

This specifies configuration info for the local node. It's stored as JSON in the configuration directory (application data directory)

Definition at line 394 of file node_impl.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ accept_incoming_connections

bool graphene::net::detail::node_configuration::accept_incoming_connections = true

Definition at line 398 of file node_impl.hxx.

◆ connect_to_new_peers

bool graphene::net::detail::node_configuration::connect_to_new_peers = true

Definition at line 399 of file node_impl.hxx.

◆ inbound_endpoint

fc::optional<fc::ip::endpoint> graphene::net::detail::node_configuration::inbound_endpoint

Definition at line 397 of file node_impl.hxx.

◆ listen_endpoint

fc::ip::endpoint graphene::net::detail::node_configuration::listen_endpoint

Definition at line 396 of file node_impl.hxx.

◆ private_key

fc::ecc::private_key graphene::net::detail::node_configuration::private_key

Originally, our p2p code just had a 'node-id' that was a random number identifying this node on the network. This is now a private key/public key pair, where the public key is used in place of the old random node-id. The private part is unused, but might be used in the future to support some notion of trusted peers.

Definition at line 407 of file node_impl.hxx.

◆ wait_if_endpoint_is_busy

bool graphene::net::detail::node_configuration::wait_if_endpoint_is_busy = false

Definition at line 400 of file node_impl.hxx.

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