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graphene::app::market_ticker Struct Reference

#include <api_objects.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 market_ticker ()
 market_ticker (const market_ticker_object &mto, const fc::time_point_sec &now, const asset_object &asset_base, const asset_object &asset_quote, const order_book &orders)
 market_ticker (const fc::time_point_sec &now, const asset_object &asset_base, const asset_object &asset_quote)

Public Attributes

time_point_sec time
string base
string quote
string latest
string lowest_ask
string lowest_ask_base_size
string lowest_ask_quote_size
string highest_bid
string highest_bid_base_size
string highest_bid_quote_size
string percent_change
string base_volume
string quote_volume
optional< object_id_typemto_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 112 of file api_objects.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ market_ticker() [1/3]

graphene::app::market_ticker::market_ticker ( )

Definition at line 129 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ market_ticker() [2/3]

graphene::app::market_ticker::market_ticker ( const market_ticker_object mto,
const fc::time_point_sec now,
const asset_object asset_base,
const asset_object asset_quote,
const order_book orders 

Definition at line 54 of file api_objects.cpp.

◆ market_ticker() [3/3]

graphene::app::market_ticker::market_ticker ( const fc::time_point_sec now,
const asset_object asset_base,
const asset_object asset_quote 

Definition at line 114 of file api_objects.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ base

string graphene::app::market_ticker::base

Definition at line 115 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ base_volume

string graphene::app::market_ticker::base_volume

Definition at line 125 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ highest_bid

string graphene::app::market_ticker::highest_bid

Definition at line 121 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ highest_bid_base_size

string graphene::app::market_ticker::highest_bid_base_size

Definition at line 122 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ highest_bid_quote_size

string graphene::app::market_ticker::highest_bid_quote_size

Definition at line 123 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ latest

string graphene::app::market_ticker::latest

Definition at line 117 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ lowest_ask

string graphene::app::market_ticker::lowest_ask

Definition at line 118 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ lowest_ask_base_size

string graphene::app::market_ticker::lowest_ask_base_size

Definition at line 119 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ lowest_ask_quote_size

string graphene::app::market_ticker::lowest_ask_quote_size

Definition at line 120 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ mto_id

optional<object_id_type> graphene::app::market_ticker::mto_id

Definition at line 127 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ percent_change

string graphene::app::market_ticker::percent_change

Definition at line 124 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ quote

string graphene::app::market_ticker::quote

Definition at line 116 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ quote_volume

string graphene::app::market_ticker::quote_volume

Definition at line 126 of file api_objects.hpp.

◆ time

time_point_sec graphene::app::market_ticker::time

Definition at line 114 of file api_objects.hpp.

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