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fc::typelist::impl::make_sequence< count > Struct Template Reference

#include <typelist.hpp>

Public Types

using type = typename concat< typename make_sequence< count-1 >::type, list< std::integral_constant< std::size_t, count-1 > >>::type

Detailed Description

template<std::size_t count>
struct fc::typelist::impl::make_sequence< count >

Definition at line 42 of file typelist.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ type

template<std::size_t count>
using fc::typelist::impl::make_sequence< count >::type = typename concat<typename make_sequence<count-1>::type, list<std::integral_constant<std::size_t, count-1> >>::type

Definition at line 48 of file typelist.hpp.

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