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graphene::words Namespace Reference


void hide_unused_warning ()


const typedef char * const_char_ptr
const const_char_ptr word_list []
const uint32_t word_list_size = sizeof(word_list)/sizeof(word_list[0])

Function Documentation

◆ hide_unused_warning()

void graphene::words::hide_unused_warning ( )

Definition at line 49778 of file words.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ const_char_ptr

const typedef char* graphene::words::const_char_ptr

Definition at line 28 of file words.hpp.

◆ word_list

const const_char_ptr graphene::words::word_list

Definition at line 29 of file words.cpp.

◆ word_list_size

const uint32_t graphene::words::word_list_size = sizeof(word_list)/sizeof(word_list[0])

Definition at line 49776 of file words.cpp.