BitShares-Core  7.0.2
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iostream.hpp File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <string>

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class  fc::istream
class  fc::ostream
class  fc::iostream




typedef std::shared_ptr< istream > fc::istream_ptr
typedef std::shared_ptr< ostream > fc::ostream_ptr


fc::istreamfc::getline (fc::istream &, std::string &, char delim='\n')
template<size_t N>
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, char(&array)[N])
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, char)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const char *v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const std::string &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const double &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const float &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const int64_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const uint64_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const int32_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const uint32_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const int16_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const uint16_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const int8_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const uint8_t &v)
ostream & fc::operator<< (ostream &o, const size_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, std::string &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, char &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, double &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, float &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, int64_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, uint64_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, int32_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, uint32_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, int16_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, uint16_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, int8_t &v)
istream & fc::operator>> (istream &o, uint8_t &v)