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graphene::wallet::utility Class Reference

#include <wallet_structs.hpp>

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static vector< brain_key_infoderive_owner_keys_from_brain_key (const string &brain_key, uint32_t number_of_desired_keys=1)
static brain_key_info suggest_brain_key ()

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◆ derive_owner_keys_from_brain_key()

vector< brain_key_info > graphene::wallet::utility::derive_owner_keys_from_brain_key ( const string &  brain_key,
uint32_t  number_of_desired_keys = 1 

Derive any number of possible owner keys from a given brain key.

NOTE: These keys may or may not match with the owner keys of any account. This function is merely intended to assist with account or key recovery.

See also
brain_keyBrain key
number_of_desired_keysNumber of desired keys
A list of keys that are deterministically derived from the brainkey

Definition at line 99 of file wallet.cpp.

◆ suggest_brain_key()

brain_key_info graphene::wallet::utility::suggest_brain_key ( )

Suggests a safe brain key to use for creating your account. create_account_with_brain_key() requires you to specify a 'brain key', a long passphrase that provides enough entropy to generate cyrptographic keys. This function will suggest a suitably random string that should be easy to write down (and, with effort, memorize).

a suggested brain_key

Definition at line 122 of file wallet.cpp.

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