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graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin Class Reference

#include <market_history_plugin.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin:
graphene::app::plugin graphene::app::abstract_plugin

Public Member Functions

 market_history_plugin (graphene::app::application &app)
 ~market_history_plugin () override
std::string plugin_name () const override
 Get the name of the plugin. More...
void plugin_set_program_options (boost::program_options::options_description &cli, boost::program_options::options_description &cfg) override
 Fill in command line parameters used by the plugin. More...
void plugin_initialize (const boost::program_options::variables_map &options) override
 Perform early startup routines and register plugin indexes, callbacks, etc. More...
void plugin_startup () override
 Begin normal runtime operations. More...
uint32_t max_history () const
const flat_set< uint32_t > & tracked_buckets () const
uint32_t max_order_his_records_per_market () const
uint32_t max_order_his_seconds_per_market () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::app::plugin
std::string plugin_description () const override
 Get the description of the plugin. More...
void plugin_shutdown () override
 Cleanly shut down the plugin. More...
chain::databasedatabase ()
 abstract_plugin (application &a)
- Public Member Functions inherited from graphene::app::abstract_plugin
 abstract_plugin (application &a)
virtual ~abstract_plugin ()=default
applicationapp () const
 Get a reference of the application bound to the plugin. More...

Additional Inherited Members

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net::node_ptr p2p_node () const
- Protected Attributes inherited from graphene::app::abstract_plugin

Detailed Description

The market history plugin can be configured to track any number of intervals via its configuration. Once per block it will scan the virtual operations and look for fill_order_operations and then adjust the appropriate bucket objects for each fill order.

Definition at line 364 of file market_history_plugin.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ market_history_plugin()

graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::market_history_plugin ( graphene::app::application app)

Definition at line 732 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ ~market_history_plugin()

graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::~market_history_plugin ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ max_history()

uint32_t graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::max_history ( ) const

Definition at line 810 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ max_order_his_records_per_market()

uint32_t graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::max_order_his_records_per_market ( ) const

Definition at line 815 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ max_order_his_seconds_per_market()

uint32_t graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::max_order_his_seconds_per_market ( ) const

Definition at line 820 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ plugin_initialize()

void graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::plugin_initialize ( const boost::program_options::variables_map &  options)

Perform early startup routines and register plugin indexes, callbacks, etc.

Plugins MUST supply a method initialize() which will be called early in the application startup. This method should contain early setup code such as initializing variables, adding indexes to the database, registering callback methods from the database, adding APIs, etc., as well as applying any options in the options map

This method is called BEFORE the database is open, therefore any routines which require any chain state MUST NOT be called by this method. These routines should be performed in startup() instead.

optionsThe options passed to the application, via configuration files or command line

Reimplemented from graphene::app::plugin.

Definition at line 773 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ plugin_name()

std::string graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::plugin_name ( ) const

Get the name of the plugin.

Reimplemented from graphene::app::plugin.

Definition at line 741 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ plugin_set_program_options()

void graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::plugin_set_program_options ( boost::program_options::options_description &  command_line_options,
boost::program_options::options_description &  config_file_options 

Fill in command line parameters used by the plugin.

command_line_optionsAll options this plugin supports taking on the command-line
config_file_optionsAll options this plugin supports storing in a configuration file

This method populates its arguments with any command-line and configuration file options the plugin supports. If a plugin does not need these options, it may simply provide an empty implementation of this method.

Reimplemented from graphene::app::plugin.

Definition at line 746 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ plugin_startup()

void graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::plugin_startup ( )

Begin normal runtime operations.

Plugins MUST supply a method startup() which will be called at the end of application startup. This method should contain code which schedules any tasks, or requires chain state.

Reimplemented from graphene::app::plugin.

Definition at line 801 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

◆ tracked_buckets()

const flat_set< uint32_t > & graphene::market_history::market_history_plugin::tracked_buckets ( ) const

Definition at line 805 of file market_history_plugin.cpp.

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