BitShares-Core  7.0.2
BitShares blockchain node software and command-line wallet software
fc::asio::istream< AsyncReadStream > Member List

This is the complete list of members for fc::asio::istream< AsyncReadStream >, including all inherited members.

get(char &c)fc::istreaminline
istream(std::shared_ptr< AsyncReadStream > str)fc::asio::istream< AsyncReadStream >inline
read(char *buf, size_t len)fc::istream
read(const std::shared_ptr< char > &buf, size_t len, size_t offset=0)fc::istream
readsome(char *buf, size_t len)fc::asio::istream< AsyncReadStream >inlinevirtual
readsome(const std::shared_ptr< char > &buf, size_t len, size_t offset)fc::asio::istream< AsyncReadStream >inlinevirtual