BitShares-Core  7.0.2
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json_relaxed.hpp File Reference
#include <fc/io/json.hpp>
#include <fc/exception/exception.hpp>
#include <fc/io/iostream.hpp>
#include <fc/io/buffered_iostream.hpp>
#include <fc/io/fstream.hpp>
#include <fc/io/sstream.hpp>
#include <fc/log/logger.hpp>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <sstream>
#include <boost/filesystem/fstream.hpp>

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struct  fc::json_relaxed::CharValueTable




template<typename T , bool strict>
variant fc::json_relaxed::variant_from_stream (T &in, uint32_t max_depth)
template<typename T >
std::string fc::json_relaxed::tokenFromStream (T &in)
template<typename T , bool strict, bool allow_escape>
std::string fc::json_relaxed::quoteStringFromStream (T &in)
template<typename T , bool strict>
std::string fc::json_relaxed::stringFromStream (T &in)
template<uint8_t base>
fc::variant fc::json_relaxed::parseInt (const std::string &token, size_t start)
template<bool strict, uint8_t base>
fc::variant fc::json_relaxed::maybeParseInt (const std::string &token, size_t start)
template<bool strict>
fc::variant fc::json_relaxed::parseNumberOrStr (const std::string &token)
template<typename T , bool strict>
variant_object fc::json_relaxed::objectFromStream (T &in, uint32_t max_depth)
template<typename T , bool strict>
variants fc::json_relaxed::arrayFromStream (T &in, uint32_t max_depth)
template<typename T , bool strict>
variant fc::json_relaxed::numberFromStream (T &in)
template<typename T , bool strict>
variant fc::json_relaxed::wordFromStream (T &in)