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filesystem.hpp File Reference
#include <utility>
#include <memory>
#include <fc/reflect/typename.hpp>
#include <fc/optional.hpp>
#include <fc/fwd.hpp>

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class  fc::path
 wraps boost::filesystem::path to provide platform independent path manipulation. More...
class  fc::detail::path_wrapper
class  fc::directory_iterator
class  fc::recursive_directory_iterator
struct  fc::get_typename< path >
class  fc::temp_file_base
class  fc::temp_file
class  fc::temp_directory




bool fc::exists (const path &p)
bool fc::is_directory (const path &p)
bool fc::is_regular_file (const path &p)
void fc::create_directories (const path &p)
void fc::remove_all (const path &p)
path fc::absolute (const path &p)
path fc::make_relative (const path &from, const path &to)
path fc::canonical (const path &p)
uint64_t fc::file_size (const path &p)
uint64_t fc::directory_size (const path &p)
bool fc::remove (const path &p)
void fc::copy (const path &from, const path &to)
void fc::rename (const path &from, const path &to)
void fc::resize_file (const path &file, size_t s)
void fc::chmod (const path &p, int perm)
void fc::create_hard_link (const path &from, const path &to)
path fc::unique_path ()
path fc::temp_directory_path ()
const path & fc::home_path ()
const path & fc::app_path ()
const fc::pathfc::current_path ()
void fc::to_variant (const fc::path &, fc::variant &, uint32_t max_depth=1)
void fc::from_variant (const fc::variant &, fc::path &, uint32_t max_depth=1)