BitShares-Core  7.0.2
BitShares blockchain node software and command-line wallet software
fc::optional< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for fc::optional< T >, including all inherited members.

operator bool() constfc::optional< T >inlineexplicit
operator!() constfc::optional< T >inline
operator*()fc::optional< T >inline
operator*() constfc::optional< T >inline
operator->()fc::optional< T >inline
operator->() constfc::optional< T >inline
operator<(const optional a, optional b)fc::optional< T >friend
operator=(U &&u)fc::optional< T >inline
operator=(optional< U > &o)fc::optional< T >inline
operator=(const optional< U > &o)fc::optional< T >inline
operator=(optional &o)fc::optional< T >inline
operator=(const optional &o)fc::optional< T >inline
operator=(optional< U > &&o)fc::optional< T >inline
operator=(optional &&o)fc::optional< T >inline
operator=(std::nullptr_t)fc::optional< T >inline
operator==(const optional a, optional b)fc::optional< T >friend
optional classfc::optional< T >friend
optional()fc::optional< T >inline
optional(optional &o)fc::optional< T >inline
optional(const optional &o)fc::optional< T >inline
optional(optional &&o)fc::optional< T >inline
optional(const optional< U > &o)fc::optional< T >inline
optional(optional< U > &o)fc::optional< T >inline
optional(optional< U > &&o)fc::optional< T >inline
optional(U &&u)fc::optional< T >inline
reset()fc::optional< T >inline
valid() constfc::optional< T >inline
value_type typedeffc::optional< T >
~optional()fc::optional< T >inline