BitShares-Core  7.0.2
BitShares blockchain node software and command-line wallet software
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worker_object.hpp File Reference
#include <graphene/chain/types.hpp>
#include <graphene/db/generic_index.hpp>
#include <graphene/protocol/vote.hpp>

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struct  graphene::chain::refund_worker_type
 A worker who returns all of his pay to the reserve. More...
struct  graphene::chain::vesting_balance_worker_type
 A worker who sends his pay to a vesting balance. More...
struct  graphene::chain::burn_worker_type
 A worker who permanently destroys all of his pay. More...
class  graphene::chain::worker_object
 Worker object contains the details of a blockchain worker. See The Blockchain Worker System for details. More...




typedef static_variant< refund_worker_type, vesting_balance_worker_type, burn_worker_type > graphene::chain::worker_type
typedef multi_index_container< worker_object, indexed_by< ordered_unique< tag< by_id >, member< object, object_id_type, &object::id > >, ordered_non_unique< tag< by_account >, member< worker_object, account_id_type, &worker_object::worker_account > >, ordered_unique< tag< by_vote_for >, member< worker_object, vote_id_type, &worker_object::vote_for > >, ordered_unique< tag< by_vote_against >, member< worker_object, vote_id_type, &worker_object::vote_against > >, ordered_non_unique< tag< by_end_date >, member< worker_object, time_point_sec, &worker_object::work_end_date > > >> graphene::chain::worker_object_multi_index_type
using graphene::chain::worker_index = generic_index< worker_object, worker_object_multi_index_type >